This table is made with 100% genuine wood. 
Here at E &C Fabrication, we value the ability to provide our customers with the highest quailty of products. Any wood used in the building of furniture is the highest of quality to ensure the stability of the product.
Have you every wanted to fix up those old chairs with out taking away from the rustic look? If so you have come to the right place. E&C Fabrication can take chairs that are falling apart and fabricate them to where they are usuable once again. Do not worry they can also fabricate them where they have that old-fashioned and rustic look once again.

Have you ever had that fear that the shelve might fall down or even fall apart if you set an object on it that is heavy? Look no further that E&C Fabrication to build a shelve that crushes this unhealthy fear. They can fabricate a shelve that is just for you, and provides stability to hold the heaviest item that you desire to place on it.